ABC Boats Brokerage is operating for more than 80 years with a great deal of experience gained in boat building and brokerage business rooted as a family operating company. Our professionalism comes from being one of the pioneers in boat building and brokerage services. We have been working with customers all over the world with different kind of requirements which our team is providing 7/24 services with excellence and dedication for the utmost customer satisfaction.

Our services include manufacturing a wide range of boats with any model, type, size, length and material such as wood, aluminum, iron, composite, fiber, steel, carbon-fiber from motor yacht to ship, catamaran, sailing boat, passenger ship, gulet motor sailor, cargo ship, tug boat, pirate ship or fishing boat with world standard quality and latest technology. We can also assist you in building your dream boat in line with your personal touch and preference.

Brokerage has been a natural activity of our company brought forward with the experience gained throughout the years. What makes our company unique is that all boats we offer are carefully chosen and inspected by professionals and port masters working within our company. After analysing all aspects, we find the real value for the boat and put it on the market with the best possible prices. The boats on our website reflect the real prices of the boats considering the building costs and every other details.

Let your dreams sail through ABC Boats Brokerage.

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